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Smallholders from the Kirasa washing station in the Gitaza region of Burundi






1100 masl

Roast Profile

Espresso / Filter

Tasting Notes

Notes of Raspberry, Chocolate and Almond

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 85.5

This coffee is part of the Akawa project. An initiative with our sister company Supremo to build stable and fair supply chains in Burundi. The project finances the UTZ certification of the washing stations, 11 so far, so that the premiums on all coffee sold from the washing stations can be used to train farmers in good management practices. A flat price is paid upfront to the mill prior to harvest, meaning that the farmers receive all of the money for their cherry upfront and without negotiation, something which is not common at all in Burundi. Further projects are implemented on the ground by Supremo and SUCCAM, financed by donors and supporters of the project.

Strict quality control measures are enforced in the cherry drop-off, something which the farmers are happy to work with given the payment mechanism, and throughout the chain. The coffee is stored in grain pro bags between each processing step, and is sent to Nairobi for storage prior to export to make use of the cooler climate to preserve quality.

Kirasa washing station processes the coffee of the smallholder farmers who live in the surrounding area, with a yearly processing capacity of 110 MT of green coffee. The producers in this region grow bourbon, with the rich volcanic soil of the region providing near – optimal conditions for the plant. Kirasa is home to 230 traditional drying beds, and with an average temperature of 19 degrees Celsius the coffee dries slowly to ensure longevity and quality in the cup.