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Perception - Brazil

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Antônio Benedito Costa's Sitio Santo farm in the Mogiana region of Brazil


Yellow Catuai


Anaerobic Natural


1050 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Boozy Grapes, Chocolate and Floral

Coffee Facts

Pinot is a Yellow Catuai that has been anaerobically processed by producer Antônio Benedito Costa. Antônio’s farm Sitio Santo Antonio is in Mogiana, near the town of Poço Fundo.

This year we have worked together on a slightly different post-harvest technique which is to ferment the coffee anaerobically for 48 hours then dry the cherries the same way natural coffees are.

The result is a very boozy, delicate coffee and this is a micro-lot of just 24 x 60 kg bags.

* This is a 225g bag