Pharmacie - Burundi

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Gahahe processing station in the Kayanza province in the Buyenzi area of norther Burundi.






1805 masl

Roast Profile

Filter / Espresso


Boozy, juicy notes of plum, cherry & cola, with a syrupy sweet dark chocolate finish

Coffee Facts

Kayanza province is situated in the Buyenzi area of northern Burundi, bordering Rwanda. It is the main coffee-producing region,with mild weather. Gahahe was built in 1989 in the Kayanza commune and province. The name ‘Gahahe’ comes from the Igihahe trees that were once found in this region. Due to the number of these trees in this region, the Kirundi phrase 'kubavomere batumisha' was used to describe the land which means ‘always covered in green’.

This washing station collects cherries from over 1,250 local coffee farmers spread over the 16 neighbouring collines.

We have sourced this lot from Keffa coffee based in Baltimore as it was too damn tasty to ignore.