Pharmacie - El Salvador - Single Origin Filter Microlot

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Alvarez Gallardo farm in the Balsamo-Quezaltepec region of El Salvador






1600 masl


Juicy notes of apricot, strawberries and cream. Sweet and delicious with a long lasting cocoa finish

Coffee Facts

Rainforest Alliance Certified.

The Gallardo estate is made up of 90 hectares of coffee producing land & 5 hectares of natural forest, which has allowed the wildlife to flourish.

The natural process La Montana lot is a 4 hectare parcel of land nestled at an altitude of 1600 masl. The coffee is a bourbon varietal that has been grown under shade trees in the nutrient rich volcanic soil.

The La Montana cherries are delivered from the farm where they are floated and separated to ensure only ripe cherries are used in producing this microlot..