Pharmacie - Rwanda [DECAF]

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Bumbogo washing station in the Gakenke district of Northern Rwanda


Red Bourbon


Washed and CO2 Decaffeinated


1650 - 2000 masl

Roast Profile



Sweet & clean notes of candyfloss & ripe plum with a lasting caramel finish

Coffee Facts

Bumbogo washing station is a new coffee washing station employing 105 casual employees during the coffee harvest season & 3 permanent staff members.

The coffee cherries are hand-sorted before being floated in a tank of water, during which under-ripe or damaged cherries are removed.

This decaf coffee is a real testament to the quality of the coffee being imported by our importers Raw Material, as it's one of the cleanest & sweetest decafs we've ever roasted.

This Decaf process was developed by Kurt Zosel, using liquid CO2 in place of chemical solvents. It acts selectively on the caffeine molecules, i.e. releasing the alkaloid & nothing else.