Plot Roasting - Colombia

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Emanuel Encizo's Finca La Roma farm near Gaitania in the Tolima region of Colombia






1850 - 1900 masl

Roast Profile


Plot Roasting

Notes of Greengage, Honey, Floral Chocolate

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 87

Grown by Emanuel Encizo at Finca La Roma. This coffee was hand picked in order to use only cherries of even ripeness. The cherries were then pulped and fermented for 27 hours under water. Afterwards, they were gently washed and placed on raised beds for 12 days until they reached the ideal moisture content.

Emanuel grew up in Gaitanua, Tolima and his family ran a buying point in Planadas. In 2015, he learned how to cup and started working at ACISP Cooperative as the director of quality. In 2019, he and his family purchased Finca La Roma.