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Producers from the Chirinos region of Peru


Caturra, Typica, Pache & Bourbon




1800 - 2000 masl

Roast Profile


Plot Roasting

Notes of Green Apple, Rich Toffee and Dark Chocolate

Coffee Facts

This is a blend of exceptional coffees from a very small group of producers from the Chirinos region in Peru, who we met on our sourcing trip to the area in 2019. These producers’ farms all border the Montaña forest reserve which contributes to a unique terroir and microclimate. The soil in this area is rich in nutrients with lots of organic matter which makes for thriving coffee trees.

We selected these microlots as they showcase the flavour profile that is typical of the region; rich, complex and fruity. Due to the small yield of most of these farms, we decided to combine several small lots which share the same characteristics and quality in order to create an outstanding community lot for espresso. This is the first regional blend project which we have had a deep involvement with and we are looking forward to see how it, and our relationships with the producers, develop over the years. Needless to say we are incredibly proud of this coffee and ecstatic that it tastes so damn good.

The farmers who contributed to this community lot are; Fidel Huancas, Jaime Cotrina, Alexander Villalobos, Nelson Mejia and Confesor Ticliahuanca.

All of these producers have impeccable processing and drying practices and we are stoked to see what they produce at next harvest.