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The Las 5 Manzanas plot on Anny Ruth Pimental's Beneficio Loma farm near El Boqueron in the La Libertad region of El Salvador


Orange Bourbon




1500 - 1600 masl

Roast Profile


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Notes of Funky Red Grape and Raisin

Coffee Facts

Anny Ruth Pimentel continues to cultivate traditional varieties like Bourbon and relies on shade trees to protect the ecology of the estate. During the harvest a great deal of care and focus is dedicated to instituting careful brix measurements to understand optimum ripeness before picking.

The harvest is so precise that every lot can be traced to a specific day and section of the estate. This particular lot of Orange Bourbon was selected from a section of the estate called 5 manzanas (a reference to the plot size of nearly 9 acres).

Anny Ruth also takes steps, uncommon in El Salvador, to control the entire post-harvest operation all the way through exporting and marketing. Harvested cherries are taken to a fully equipped mill called Loma La Gloria located at the bottom of the estate. Using recirculating water, the harvested cherries are floated to remove less dense and damaged coffee. Access to water is so limited that all of the coffee at Loma La Gloria is processed without water either as a honey or a natural.

This particular natural processed lot was expertly dried over a period of 26 days using patios and raised beds. The dried coffee is stored, evaluated at the cupping lab and then milled for export, which all takes place at Loma La Gloria.