Quarter Horse - China

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Ou Yang farm from the Yunnan region in South Western China


Catimor P3/P4




1350 masl

Roast Profile


Quarter Horse

Notes of Strawberry, Pineapple and Jackfruit

Coffee Facts

SCA Cupping Score - 84

This lot from the producer Ou Yang shows just how far Chinese specialty coffee has come. Ou Yang’s farm sits in the far south-west of the country near the border with Vietnam and Laos. The region, Yunnan, is quickly becoming a centre for coffee quality.

This lot from Ou Yang features his unique take on the natural process method. After being picked, the coffee cherries are placed in sealed bags for three days. Keeping the moist coffee in the sealed bags accelerates the fermentation process, which helps create the high sweetness in the cup. Afterwards, the coffee is dried in parabolic dryers that resemble green houses made of translucent plastic sheets instead of glass. The parabolic dryers have openings that allow airflow while retaining heat, which facilitates the drying process. This method is what makes Ou Yang’s coffee so sweet, fruity, and balanced.