Redemption - The Block

Brought to you by Dog and Hat!


Blend of Brazil and Nicaragua coffee


Acaia & Caturra


Natural & Washed



Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Cocoa, Fudge and Baked Apple

Coffee Facts

The base of The Block is produced by Patricia Coelho, a farmer in Mogiana, Brazil. In an industry where women provide 70% of production labour, but own fewer than 30% of coffee farms worldwide, Patricia is the anomaly.

As the eldest daughter, she learned her coffee skills from her father and he’s her biggest supporter. Now running her family farm, today she proudly claims the titles of producer, mother, wife, merchant and businesswoman. Wise words from Patricia: “I don’t find limits for women, I don’t see females as fragile. I think we are warriors in a predominantly male culture, but this has never been an obstacle for me. It has always made me stronger.” Patricia has worked to improve her quality year on year, investing more time and resource in processing speciality coffee.

The top component of The Block is from the La Estrella coffee mill in northern Nicaragua. Blissfully peaceful except for the chirp of exotic bird calls, the mill is sheltered beneath a canopy of native trees at the heart of the famous Cordillera de Dipilito nature reserve. The mill is supplied by 26 small-scale coffee farmers from across the Nueva Segovia Department, resulting in a deliciously rich and chocolatey coffee.