Resinn - Colombia

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Frank Rivas Torres’s Finca La Indonesia estate near La Union in the Narino region of Colombia


Caturra & Colombia




1750 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Raspberry, Melon and Toffee

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 86.5

Frank and his siblings cultivate coffee across the La Indonesia property, which was handed down from their grandfather, Marco Antonio Torres. Frank and his siblings grow coffee alongside fruits and many different trees for shade at La Indonesia, with an emphasis on preserving soil quality and responsible water management. The farm has infrastructure to process Washed, Honey, and Natural coffees, as well as over 300 square meters of patios for drying coffee.

The harvested cherries are measured for their sugar content before processing. Cherries are sorted via floatation to remove defects before being washed with a mixture of water and alcohol. The washed cherries are then put into sealed food-grade plastic tanks and are fermented for 48 hours. Fermented cherries are then pulped, and the pulped coffee is placed back into the fermentation tanks to be fermented for another 52 hours. The fermented coffee is dried for approximately 25 days on raised beds before being finished on the drying patio where it reaches a humidity of 10–11%.