RIGHT SIDE [ESPRESSO] - Guatemala Anaerobic



Produced by Leopoldo Turcios from Baja Verapaz in Guatemala .  




Anaerobic fermentation 


1800 masl

Roast Profile


Right Side

Notes of Pineapple, Coconut with creamy finish.

Coffee Facts

lot is part of the coffees that are part of our direct action with
producers in Guatemala. Leopoldo Turcios’ plantations are located in
the north of the country in the region of Baja Verapaz, just where the
area of Sierra de las Minas -designated as biosphere reserve- begins.
Although Leopoldo is relatively new to producing coffee, his lots are
spectacular, so much so, that we were winners of the last edition of the
IBCF roasting contest. The conditions of this producer's farm are ideal
for the cultivation of coffee in which various varieties grow, such as, in
the case of this lot, Pacamara variety.
This coffee has been processed at the benefit of the farm. Ripe
cherries are harvested at their optimum ripeness point and the grain is
pulped and placed in a watertight tank in which, as there is a reduced
presence of oxygen, fermentation can be prolonged. Finally, the coffee
has been rested in water, washed and taken to the dryer where it is
dried under a controlled temperature.

Shipping from 6th October