River City Coffee - Nicaragua

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Finca Mierisch farms in the Jinotega and Matagalpa regions of Nicaragua






1100 - 1300 masl

Roast Profile


River City Coffee

Notes of Marshmallow, Figs and Red Grapes

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 83

The Fincas Mierisch estates in Nicaragua have been quietly developing a reputation for fantastic coffee. They have been working over the last few years on improving their harvesting and processing protocols as well as experimenting with some newer drying techniques. This years harvest has been fully washed before being sun dried to allow for a greater maturation of the inherent sugars found in the Javanica beans.

Once these beans reached us we were eager to try a few different roasting approaches to see how best to exaggerate this special processing method and showcase the sweet terroir flavours Nicaragua has become known for. The resulting coffee has brewing aroma’s of marzipan that transfers to marshmallow notes in the final brew. As the cup cools we found the initial sweetness thickened to a more fruit like fig flavour, all delivered with an acidity reminiscent of red grapes.

*225g bag