Rounton - El Salvador

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Gilberto Baraona's Los Pirineos farm in the Volcan Santa Ana region of El Salvador




Orange Honey


1200 - 1550 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Orange, Nougat and Pistachio

Coffee Facts

Los Pirineos spans a range of altitudes from 1070-1800 masl and is situated on fertile volcanic soil, close in proximity to Volcan Santa Ana and Izalco.

Los Pirineos was one of three farms that Rounton visited in February 2018, taking a closer look at farming practices and educating ourselves about the processes that lead to this brilliant cup profile.

This Los Pirineos coffee undergoes an orange honey process, in which the peel of the coffee cherry is washed away, but the mucilage is left to ferment around the coffee seed.

Ensuring that this process is controlled is delicate work, and the drying and timing of the honey process is overseen by Gilberto, to his exacting standards.