Shiloh - The Dog and Hat Blend [TRADITIONAL] [Roast date 11.04.2024]



India, Peru and Brazil






various masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Chocolate Orange, Roasted Nuts, Smooth full-body feel and crisp acidity finish.

Coffee Facts

(India) -The Kondadakan Estate was founded in 1890 by the British brothers W.L. Crawford and C.S. Crawford. It was later taken over by Graham and partners, and then acquired by the Founder Chairman Mr. K S Vaidyanathan, who founded Sangameshwar Coffee Estates Ltd.The estate is located along the Western Ghats of South India, in Chikmagalur District, adjacent to Bababudangiri Hills and Muthodi Reserve Forest. The landscape consists of a vast network of natural forest with a view of the back waters of Lakholi DamThe Kondadakan Estate receives adequate rainfall and has significant temperature variations between the summer and winter months. This requires a particular method of coffee cultivation. Coffee is grown under major native trees for filter shade, such as Atti (fig), Basri, and Neeroli. These trees also enhance the unique taste profiles of the coffee beans.

(Peru)-Mishanango is grown by smallholders in San Jose de Lourdes in Cajamarca, Peru. These smallholders cultivate Typica, Pache and Catuai on small farms at 1,500 to 1,900 meters above sea level. These high altitudes, combined with careful cultivation and an eye towards high-quality processing, produce a delicious and flavorful blend that’s Fairtrade Organic as well.

(brazil)-The Junqueira family has cultivated coffee at Serra das Tres Barras for 8 generations. Today,  Jose Wagner Ribeiro Junqueira  is joined by his sons Kleber, Ralph and Herbert de Castro Junqueira, and his wife, Margarida Maria de Castro Junqueira. The Junqueira family cultivates cherry at 1,100 t 1,450 meters above sea level with a focus on high-quality production. The result is an unforgettable coffee that’s sweet and delicate with cacao, florals and a brown sugar sweetness.