Small Batch - Columbia Dulima

Brought to you by Dog and Hat!


Smallholders from the Caldas region of Colombia


Castillo, Colombia & Caturra




1500 - 2000 MASL

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of Citrus, Red Berries, Caramel and Chocolate

Coffee Facts

Dulima was created in 2009 to capture the quintessential coffee profile of the central and south Huila region - made up of Excelso EP grades sourced from high altitudes in the Huila growing region. The spread of coffee planting throughout Colombia in the early 19th century is attributed to a priest who made coffee planting a penance for his parishioners. It worked. Colombia is among the largest producer of coffee in the world, and was number two behind Brazil for decades. Throughout the volcanoes and mountains of Huila outstanding coffees are grown. Dulima was inspired by indigenous groups from the southern region of Colombia, namely the The Pijaos people of the region around the Tolima volcano, natives long before the Spanish arrived, who called the volcano “Dulima,” meaning Snow Queen.