Square Mile - Filter Blend

Coming in a subscription soon!


50% Cordillera del Fuego from the West Valley region of Costa Rica

50% Cochalan from the Cajamarca region of Peru







Roast Profile


Square Mile

Notes of Cherry, Chocolate Cake and Frangipane

Coffee Facts

Built on the same concept as our Red Brick Espresso Blend, The Filter Blend is seasonal, versatile and classic Square Mile. Clean, balanced and medium-bodied; a kind, welcoming coffee to wake-up to The Filter Blend offers the perfect all-day every-day brew and embodies all we love about speciality coffee. An absolute delight, you’ll want to keep a bag in the cupboard to always have delicious coffee in the house

Our second iteration of the Filter Blend is made up of Cordillera del Fuego from Cost Rica and Cochalan from Peru.

Nut forward, sweet and well-rounded Cordillera del Fuego grounds the blend with texture and mouthfeel. This is perfectly complemented by the twinkling with bright floral and fruity notes of Cochalan lifting the blend into a wonderfully balanced delight. Deliciously drinkable and effortlessly enjoyable, the second iteration of The Filter Blend delivers.

* This is a 350g bag