Square Mile - Red Brick Blend

Brought to you by Dog and Hat!


66% Cordillera del Fuego from the West Valley region of Costa Rica

33% El Meridiano from the Tolima region of Colombia







Roast Profile


Square Mile

Notes of Red Apple, Honeycomb and Nougat

Coffee Facts

As the crops change, so do the components of our Red Brick, highlighting harvest cycles and celebrating the seasonality of coffee. We've combined the great fruit qualities from each component, and allowed the sweetness to shine.

Our current seasonal blend is a mix of Cordillera del Fuego from Costa Rica and El Meridiano from Colombia.

Well rounded, the El Meridiano gives sweet nougat notes and vibrant acidity which is perfectly complemented with the rich, creamy nut, honeycomb and a defined structure of Cordillera del Fuego. Offering consistency in a world reshaping, this iteration of Red Brick is versatile, reliably delicious and delightfully satisfying. Enjoy

* This is a 350g bag