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The Barn - Ethiopia FILTER [ROAST DATE 04/01]


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Roasted 6th Jan 

Produced in Tabe Burka, located on the border of Shakisso in Ethiopia 






1850 masl

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

Notes of candied fruit, overripe strawberries, purple grape and chocolate-caramel. 

Coffee Facts

Tabe Burka is located on the border of Shakisso, near Dambi Uddo. Uraga is a famous orchard coffee, produced in an area where coffee culture is ancient. The fertile lands of the Ethiopian highlands here support a polyculture agricultural system which allows farmers to combine food crops and coffee on their same plots. This coffee has an intense cup profile: Flavours of candied fruit, overripe strawberries, purple grape and chocolate-caramel. Slight ferment as in anaerobic flavours. Medium acidity. 

Tabe Burka coffee is collected by small holders picking in close proximity around the washing station. Tadesse Edema, who manages Barkume Coffee Export, is based in Addis Ababa, and his brother, Dembelash Edema, takes care of the collection station on site at Tabe Burka. This coffee washing and drying station is located near the town of Suke Waraqata, in the Guji appellation. 

False banana trees ("enset") are an important piece in the agrarian systems. This tree whose root, pounded, is the basis of the diet of this region, has important nutritional qualities. The enset also has the distinction of retaining water in its trunk for many months. Its presence in the middle of coffee trees provides constant humidity to the entire plot and promotes the resistance of trees to drier periods.

The Uraga district borders on those of Odo Shakisso and Hambela, all three very famous for the quality of their Guji appellation coffees. Coffee growing in Uraga is probably even older than in these two other districts. Indeed we find here a particular variety of coffee, which gives yellow fruits and which the peasants continue to call Wallagga, the sign certainly of the long journey of these coffee trees!

Tabe Burka is certified organic.