The Missing Bean - Brazil

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Danilo Barbosa's farm in the Cerrado Mineiro area of the Minas Gerais region of Brazil


Yellow Catuai


Natural Extended Fermentation


1100 masl

Roast Profile


The Missing Bean

Notes of Sweet Sherry, Grape and Blood Orange

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 86

Danilo is a meticulous farmer with great attention to detail. He monitors everything on his farm day and night, from the temperature and shade conditions during experiments to how the use of pesticides – only those approved by Rainforest Alliance with “minimal levels of toxicity”, as the farm is certified – affects the local flora and fauna. To control the exportation process means others can taste – and taste you must! – the identity of his terroir and his farm. For him, this is paramount. This is his drive. “I’m not that worried about the money. I know the money will come naturally if the quality is there”, he says.

The cherries are harvested using selective picking (Hand Picked!) at full maturation. Next they are left to naturally fermented in bags under the shade of trees for 40 hours. During the resting time the microorganisms present on the fruit start the process of natural fermentation, generating exotic nuances. The coffee is then laid in thin layers on suspended beds where it finished the drying process reaching the Ideal humidity point for storage! After the drying it is rested in big bags for a month to balance the aromas and then hulled and stored in special bags with grain pro.