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The Naughty Dog - Colombia [roast date 29/06]


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Prouduced by the Anserma farm in the Caldas region of Colombia.  


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia




1827 masl

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The Naughty Dog 

Flavours of ripe cherries, red apple and sweet caramel aftertaste.

Coffee Facts

The Naughty Dog team spent the afternoon there with Valentina from Siruma cupping at the warehouse and having a short meeting with Luis Miguel the CEO of the cooperative. This year in total the cooperative has doubled its volumes to 100,000 bags with a good proportion of business to Falcon US. Currently trailing a climate insurance program with Nespresso for growers which is based on arbitrary weather parameters to trigger the policy e.g rainfall, temperatures. Speaking with Luis Miguel this policy still isn’t enough to cover the actual losses incurred.

They are working on the infrastructure at the cooperative currently with several steps, building sperate storage area in warehouse to rack and palletize micro lots to hold 36 pallets. They are slowly building the Micro lot program and spreading the information for the incentives to producers about the higher payments. The high quality lots are still few and far between from cupping the coffees but there is potential. The regional lots cup mainly around 82 and lack quality compared to other areas of Caldas. They are planning to expand the current wet mill and re- design it to become a cherry purchasing point for the local growers. They have the land to do this and potentially build more drying structures for micro lots/naturals. They have invested in 2 Nunes drying boxes (picture below) which is a box drier electrically powered where the temperature and humidity can be controlled. It can be used for both washed and natural. The one they bought has capacity for 125kg parchment of 80kg of cherry. They are just beginning to experiment with these.

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