Tim Wendelboe - Colombia

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Elias Roa's Finca Tamana farm near El Pital in the Huila region of Colombia


Caturra & Variedad Colombia




1650 - 1750 masl

Roast Profile

Filter / Espresso

Tim Wendelboe

Notes of Sweet Chocolate, Caramel and Red Berries

Coffee Facts

This coffee is a blend of Variedad Colombia with a small amount of Caturra. There is not a lot of Caturra left at Finca Tamana since the trees have for several years been affected by leaf rust and the quality has been a bit up and down.

That is why Elias has planted the majority of his farm with the Variedad Colombia cultivar as it is resistent to leaf rust and produces well. Also when you compare Variedad Colombia to the traditional Caturra cultivar and the new Castillo hybrid (which is a further development of the Variedad Colombia,) the Colombia cultivar has consistently been tasting sweeter than the Caturra and fruitier than the Castillo.

This coffee was harvested during the peak of the 2019 main harvest between June and July and is tasting super sweet and fresh. The reason why Elias’ coffees are maintaining their freshness for a long time is due to the quality protocol we have developed together with him. The coffees are dried slowly for 20-30 days under shade. This prevents the cell structure in the beans from breaking which helps preserve the fatty acids within the bean for a longer time and prevents the coffee from oxidising which would give a woody taste.

The coffees are stored on the farm in tempered conditions in air tight bags before it is sent to the mill for export preparation. After milling, the coffees are vacuum packed and stored in Norway also in cool conditions. All these steps really help preserve the coffee and prolongs it’s shelf life.