Vagabond - Myanmar

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The Ywangan region in the southern state of Shan in Myanmar


Catuai, S795, Caturra, Typica, Costa Rica




1100 masl


Notes of Lemon, Candied ginger, Apricot, Dark chocolate, and Caramel.

Coffee Facts

Mr. Win Aung Kyaw is the founder of Shwe Ywangan and is the Vice Chair of the Myanmar Coffee Association (MCA).

Shwe Ywangan was founded in 2002, however, Mr Win Aung Kyaw has worked in the coffee of the country since 1975. Working as an advocate for coffee as a profitable crop, he continued to produce and sell coffee at a time when pursuing such business as a sole trader was forbidden by the government.

He aspires to further community between local producers in the Ywangan region, to create a coffee association of their own.