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Vagabond - Tanzania

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Farmers from Glanmalure near Ngila in the Arusha region of Tanzania






1560 - 1640 masl

Roast Profile



Notes of Blackcurrant, Blackberry and Brown Sugar

Coffee Facts

SCA Score - 85.25

Glanmalure is the name of a specific area of Ngila and this is a well developed lot from the main crop that is representative of our farm. We determine the trees that we are going to pick using a Brix meter, picking is selective and sorting is very intensive. The volcanic soil is rich in minerals, resulting in a cup profile with a structured and balanced acidity.

After floaters are eliminated the cherries are depulped using a water saving eco pulper. They then go to a demucilator where the fruit flesh is removed inside a rotating drum. Next the coffees go to a fermentation tank and soak/ferment for up to 18 hours. The wet parchment goes to the sorting table to be cleaned of damaged or underripe beans and finally to African beds to dry under the sun for 1 to 2 weeks.