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Costa Rica



Red Honey


1800 MASL

Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Green Apple, Almond, Green Grape, Butter Biscuit

Coffee Facts

Juanachute is Luis Anastasio Castro’s micromill. This location is divided into several plots throughout the Los Santos region and a mill close to the town of San Pablo. Thanks to their model, the Castro family is able to control the entire process from planting coffee trees to making the final product ready to ship. The Castro family also runs a small roastery together with a coffee bar in San Pablo. In addition to this, Luis’ son is now taking care of the launch of their barista education program at the local high school as well as competing yearly in the Costa Rica barista championship with Juanachute coffees.

This lot is composed of Caturra and Catuai that have been grown on a plot of land in the La Roca valley at 1800 masl. The fermentation process used for this lot is called « Red Honey ». During this phase, the coffee cherries were partially pulped with water in order to still keep some mucilage on the parchment. The coffee was then taken to the mill’s raised beds to sun dry for around 15 days before being transferred to a drum drying oven to finish off the process.