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Yellow Bourbon, Catuai




1800 MASL

Roast Profile


Taste Notes

Green Grape, Yellow Kiwi, White Chocolate, Earl Grey

Coffee Facts

The Yandaro washing Station is situated in the Kayanza province, close to the Kibira Rainforest. The station has built a great reputation for quality washed lots and we're happy to buy their coffees for a 3nd consecutive season. The location near the rainforest makes for excellent soil. The high altitude (1800 masl), mild climate and strong quality standards further contribute to the stellar coffee lots we find here.

This Red Bourbon was hand picked and wet processed. The cherry is floated to select unripes and defects. Next the cherry is pulped, separated by grades, and shortly fermented in clean water. The coffee is then run through washing canals to remove any remaining mucilage and eventually slowly dried for 2-3 weeks on drying tables.