Wilfa Svart Aroma Grinder (including shipping)


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Wilfa Svart Grinder perfect for at home use, with adjustable flat burrs for consistent grinding from steep to stove top. The Wilfa has a slower motor speed, avoiding over heating the stainless steel burrs and damaging the delicate aromas of your coffee. This also increases the constancy of the grind especially important with lighter roast coffees as the beans are harder. 

Easy to disassemble and re-assemble. The long wear stainless steal burrs are easy to remove and clean. The hopper and grind basket are made from a durable material, scratch resistant and removable to access the burrs. 

Additional info:

  • Adjustable grind size 
  • Intelligent grind basket to minimise mess
  • Adjustable grind time for "set and forget" coffee grinding
  • EU Two Pin plug (adaptor provided)
  • Conical burr configuration.