Merry Christmas and welcome to the festive Christmas edition of the Dog and Hat Dialled In Coffee Subscription.

As is customary for us at this time of the year, all the roasters that are joining us this month are local(ish) so we can minimise delays by visiting the roasters in person to collect the coffee.  This year we'll be making a trip across the Pennines to Manchester before heading back to Leeds and home to North Yorkshire (plus Dave gets to drive a white van, which is one of the highlights of the festive period for him).

Please click the link to see the Christmas Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Heart and Graft - Manchester 

We have a bit of a Christmas tradition here at Dog and Hat... and that is the Miriam Perez natural processed Honduras coffee roasted for us by Heart and Graf - it really does taste like Xmas in a cup.

This year we are delighted to be able to once again include this omni-roast coffee for all our subscribers and gift buyers.  This year's crop, much like last years, comes with a big Christmassy notes of Rum and Raisin, Candied Orange and Mulled Wine spices.

Heart and Graft have been partnering with Miriam Perez for many years now and the work that Miriam does with the COMSA cooperative in the Marcala region of Honduras is fantastic, focussing on organic farming methods and building the sense of community.

You'll have the opportunity to hear more from the guys at Heart and Graft about this coffee (amongst other things) as part of our Christmas Jumper live Q&A sessions we'll be running on Tuesday 29th December.

North Star - Leeds

The other Christmas tradition we have is to include a coffee from Hols, Krag and the team over at North Star in Leeds.

This year we have chosen their Chelazos washed El Salvador coffee from the Chalatenango region for all our subscribers to enjoy.  This is another great Christmas omni-roast coffee with notes of Plum, Tangerine and Milk Chocolate.

North Star have been working with the Chelazos farmers for over three years now and have funded an infrastructure project to construct new raised drying beds helping to increase capacity and quality at the farms... another topic you'll be able to hear more about in the Christmas Jumper sessions.

Taylors Discovery - Harrogate

Earlier in the year we brought Grumpy Mule back into the subscription and the reaction initially was one of "Grumpy Mule? Don't they just do those Orange bags in the supermarkets" - which then turned to "wow, this is one of the most amazing coffees I've tasted" - it's safe to say we loved challenging people's perceptions.

This month we are doing something similar with another well known Yorkshire roaster - Taylors.  However, this is not the Taylors coffee you might see on the supermarket shelf, this is from a micro-roastery hidden deep within the Taylors factory that cranks out coffee of the highest order (in fact, they roast a coffee that is in our favourite top 3 of all time).

The coffee we have chosen for our 3 and 4 bag subscribers to enjoy this month is the omni-roast Guatemala Extended Fermentation coffee from the Todos Santos farm in the Huehuetenango region with notes of Stone Fruit, Apple and Citrus. 

Echelon - Leeds

Finally, for our 4 bag subscribers we are brining back Ben at Echelon roasters in Leeds to caffeinate you over the festive period.

The coffee that we have selected from Ben is an omni-roast washed coffee from the Horizon Supreme washing station in the Huye District of the Southern Province of Rwanda with notes of Fig, Cherry and Cocoa Nibs.

Dialled In Traditional

Our subscribers on the Traditional subscription this month will be receiving a pair of blends.

First up is the Barnraiser blend from Heart and Graft with notes of Chocolate and Fudge.  Alongside is the North Star 'The Docks' blend with notes of Milk Chocolate and Toasted Nuts.

Dialled In Decaf

For our Decaf subscribers we have a Honduras CO2 decaf from North Star with notes of Biscuit, Chocolate and Raisin alongside a Colombia E.A. Decaf from Heart and Graft of Toffee and Milk Chocolate.

Dave Morgan