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Dog and Hat - For the love of Coffee!

Dog and Hat is run by the Morgan family from our old farmhouse on the outskirts of York.  We relocated from the South of England to get more involved in the things we love in life - primarily that's our friends & family and our love of good coffee.

We get a real kick out of researching coffees for our site - when talking to new roasters, we find the passion they have for coffee and the communities that grow it is infectious... and we're inspired to drive that passion to a wider audience.

Our goal is to provide you with an exceptionally varied selection of the highest quality coffees that this country's roasters have to offer with minimal fuss (we also include a few European roasters). We take our environmental responsibility seriously - we don’t print bespoke boxes or glossy leaflets and we only use recycled material, and we make the postman deliver, as he is coming your way anyway.

Dog and Hat also supports a charity each year as we believe that giving back to the community is an important part of doing business right.

We only choose roasters that understand the need for ethical sourcing of beans.  This means complete traceability for the beans they use and a fair deal for the farming communities that grow them.

Su Morgan Bio

I completed a Music Technology degree in Leeds whist working for Vodafone fault finding group. Moving on to work for IT system solution companies, achieving certifications for Firewall, Cisco Networking and numerous security solutions, winning several awards for innovative solutions.

Moving to London I became a Head of Technical Sales for a software company in SE London, we focused on working with Airports, Train Operators and Mobile Phone Operators, a great job that means travelling the UK and the world, detailing real time complex system solutions to the likes of AT&T, Vodafone and UK airports.

Next we had two fantastic children, which meant I couldn’t go back to travelling the UK or even less the world, the company I worked for got bought during my maternity leave so I could not return, which mean there had to be change, and I love change.

So, we upped sticks, moved to York and started Dog & Hat!

Dog & Hat Ltd - Company number 10853135 VAT Registered 277704474


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