Dog and Hat are coffee and customer first service driven business, joined by a huge a family of coffee roasters all determined to support UK consumers in drinking better coffee. 

Monthly Charity

Each month we have a charity we support and we donate 0.10p of every order to that charity across all our revenue streams. A full breakdown of all charities and payments can be seen here for transparency

Coffee Bag Recycling

Dog and Hat ship out thousands of bags of coffee each month. All our customers have the ability to ship coffee bags back to us for recycling. To date we have send back over 99KG of used coffee bags back to Teracycle. The postage for return to us is paid by the customer. Invoices are available to view for Teracycle orders.

Living Wage Employer

Dog and Hat have been a real living wage employer for over 2 years and will continue to be a member ongoing. This means we pay above minimum wage.

Genuine Transparency on Direct Trade

Dog and Hat buy coffee from UK and Worldwide coffee roasters who are both new and well established. Green unroasted coffee is imported into countries using green coffee importers, and it is those importers that know the coffee farmers the best. Roasters buy off the importers either in a single sack or pallet of sacks, new roaster may even buy half sacks off other roasters.

It should be understood that roasters starting out will not have direct farm relationships. It would be easy to say all our coffee is direct trade and we demand this of a roasters however it is much harder to do in practice and is a well discussed amongst professionals that this is a very difficult to prove traceability even on a larger scale for more established business. 

Green importers support farmers offer Agricultural support, advice and on site support. Dog and Hat have featured a number of stories in our magazine about importers.

There is an excellent article on Origin Coffee Website about these direct trade complexities.

Ecology Tree Planting 

Over 3 years with Ecologi we have placed over 587 trees, we have planted trees in Peru, Mozambique, Madagascar, Kenya and Ethiopia. From the 1st March 2024 we have doubled our donation to £10 per month which will plant 48 trees per month. Our tree planting in not linked to sales like our Charity Donations.

Dog & Hat | Ecologi

Small Business Impact

Dog and Hat work with over 100+ roasters, these vary from teams of one in rural locations to teams of many in cities. A single order from us can be worth thousands of pounds, often we place the largest order the roaster has ever had. This means they get a large payment and it was once case we got a note back to us saying we had enabled that roaster to buy a bag packing machine.  

Reduce Excess

Below is a list of actions we take in our business to reduce excess

  • Our boxes are not printed, they are plain and hand stamped. 
  • All paper in our office is recycled
  • Our booklets are printed on recycled paper
  • All boxes are recycled for re-use or recycling.

Our environmental policy can be found here.