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At it's simplest, roasting coffee is basic science "beans + heat + time = roasted coffee"... but to think that way would be to miss the point.  In reality it is a very personal thing and every Roaster takes a different approach in order to extract the flavours they are looking for from the beans.  This is why we showcase a wide range of Roasters to you, so you can experience the subtle (and sometimes less subtle) differences that each one brings to the table.  We also provide and 'Ask the Roaster' page to help you get a glimpse of what makes each Roaster (and their dogs, of which there are many) tick.

When Dog and Hat selects a Roaster to showcase to you, we always make sure that they align to our ethos - providing the highest quality raw ingredients, ethically sourced from sustainable farms ensuring the best product for you and the best deal for the local farming communities.

So now you can click through our fantastic selection of expert Roasters, happy in the knowledge that you'll be getting great coffee and helping to make the world a better place one cup at a time.

UK Roasters

39 Steps on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionAmoret Speciality Coffee RoastersArtisan Roast Speciality Coffee RoastersAtkinsons speciality coffee roasters Lancaster UKBean Brothers Speciality Coffee RoastersBlack Cat Coffee on UK Best Coffee and Gift ServiceBlak Nektar Coffee UK Best Coffee Subscription and GiftsBlossom Coffee UK Best Coffee SubscriptionsBrew Coffee Plus London Roaster on UK Leading Coffee SubscriptionBunaberry Speciality Coffee RoastersBuxton Speciality Coffee RoasterCaravan Coffee RoastersCartwheel Coffee Roasters on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionCarve Coffee on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionCarringtons Coffee Warrington on UK Best Coffee Subscription Casa Espresso Speciality Coffee Roasters UKChipp Coffee Leeds Speciality CoffeeChimney Fire Coffee Surrey on the UK Leading Coffee SubscriptionClimpson and SonsCloud Gate Coffee UK Best SubscriptionColonna Coffee Speciality Coffee RoastersCraft House Coffee Speciality Coffee Roaster SubscriptionCrankhouse Coffee RoastersCrosby Coffee Roasters Liverpool on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionCurious Roo Speciality Coffee RoasterDark Woods Coffee Roasters Speciality CoffeeDhan Tamang Speciality Coffee Roaster UK Best Coffee SubscriptionDusty Ape Speciality Coffee Roasters BathEchelon Coffee Roasters Speciality Coffee Subscription UKFive Rings Coffee Roaster on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionFortitude Coffee RoastersFoundry Coffee Roasters Speciality CoffeeGentlemen Baristas Speciality Coffee Roaster LondonGirls Who Grind Coffee on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionGlen Lyon Coffee Roaster Scotland on UK Coffee RoastersGold Box Coffee Roasters Newcastle on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionGrumpy Mule Speciality Coffee Roasters Yorkshire EnglandHackney Rascal Coffee Roasters on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionHard Lines Coffee Cardiff on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionHeart and Graft Coffee RoastersHundred House Coffee RoastersJolly Bean Coffee Roasters on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionKickback Coffee on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionKiss the Hippo on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionLimini Speciality Coffee UK Best Coffee Subscription ServiceLincoln House Coffee Roasters on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionLindfield Coffee Works on UK Leading Coffee SubscriptionLong and Short Speciality Coffee Roaster - SubscriptionLost Horizon Speciality Coffee on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionMachina Edinburgh on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionManumit Speciality Coffee RoastersMaude Coffee RoastersMio Coffee Producer Brazil on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionThe Missing Bean Coffee Roaster Oxford UK SubscriptionMission Coffee Works London on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionMonsoon Estates Speciality Coffee Stratford Upon AvonMoonroast Speciality Coffee RoasterNeighbourhood Speciality Coffee Roasters SubscriptionNew Ground Coffee UK Best Subscription ServiceNorth StarNotes Coffee Roasters London on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionOld Spike London on UK Best Coffee Subscription Olfactory Coffee Roasters on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionOrigin Coffee Roasters Cornwall UK Best Coffee SubscriptionOutpost Nottingham on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionPapercup Coffee Roasters Glasgow on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionPerception Coffee Roaster London UK Coffee SubscriptionPlot Roasting Speciality Coffee RoastersQuarter Horse Coffee RoastersRed Bank Coffee on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionRedemption Roasters Speciality Coffee Aylesbury UKRiver City Coffee on UK Best Coffee Subcriptionroastworks speciality coffee roaster devon ukRoost Coffee Yorkshire on UK's Best Coffee SubscriptionSanctuary Coffee Roasters on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionSendero Speciality Coffee RoastersSquare Mile Coffee Roasters London on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionThe Steamie Speciality Coffee Roasters GlasgowSteampunk Coffee Roasters on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionSt Martins Coffee Roaster Leicester UK Best Coffee SubscriptionSymposium Coffee Roaster London UK Best Coffee SubscriptionTaylors Discovery on Top UK Coffee SubscriptionTriple Co Coffee Roasters Bristol on Leading Coffee Subscription Service in the UKUE Coffee Roasters on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionUnorthodox Roasters Kinross Scotland Speciality Coffee Wildheart Coffee Roasters Northern Ireland on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionWolfox Coffee Roasters Speciality Coffee Subscription

International Roasters

Abracadabra Coffee Roasters Woodstock Vermont USA on UK Best Coffee SUbscriptionApril Coffee Copenhagen UK Best Coffee SubscriptionBarn Coffee Roasters Berlin Germany on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionCafe MokxaCat and Cloud Speciality Coffee Santa Cruz, California, USACocora Speciality coffee roasters malaga spainCoffee Circulor Norway Roaster on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionCoffee Collective Denmark UK Best Coffee SubscriptionDak Coffee Roasters Holland on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionDrop Coffee Roasters Sweden on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionFathers Coffee Czech on UK Top Coffee SubscriptionFriedhats Coffee on best UK Speciality Coffee SubscriptionFive Elephant Coffee Roaster Berlin on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionFuglen Norway on UK Best Coffee Subscription ServiceGardelli Speciality Coffee Roaster on UKs Best Coffee Subscription ServiceGoat Story Slovenia UK Top Coffee Subscription ServiceHoppenworth and Ploch Speciality Coffee RoasterHot Roasted Love Speciality Coffee Roasterkopkopi gdansk poland on uk best coffee subscriptionIneffable Coffee Roasters Seville SpainLa Cabra Speciality Coffee Roasters Denmark on UKs Best Coffee SubscriptionLippe KaffeLot61 Amsterdam Coffee Roaster on UK Best Coffee Subscription Manhattan Coffee Roasters Rotterdam Holland on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionMok Speciality Coffee Roaster Leuven BelgiumMorgon Coffee Sweden on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionMuttley And Jack Coffee Roasters Sweden on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionThe Naughty Dog Prague Czech Republic on UK Best Coffee Subscription Nero Scuro Coffee Roaster Italy UK Best Coffee SubscriptionNomad Coffee Barcelona UK Best Coffee SubscriptionOnyx Coffee Lab Speciality Coffee USAOven Heaven Roaster France UK Best Coffee SubscriptionPop Coffee Works Toronto Canada UK SubscriptionRabbit Hole Roasters on UK's Best Speciality Coffee SubscriptionRight Side Coffee Barcelona on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionRum Baba Speciality Coffee Roaster Amsterdam Netherlands Sprout Coffee Eindhoven Holland on UK Best Coffee SubscriptionTim Wendelbow speciality coffee roaster oslo norwayVertical Coffee Switzerland UK Best Coffee Subscription