At its simplest, roasting coffee is basic science "beans + heat + time = roasted coffee"... but to think that way would be to miss the point.  In reality it is a very personal thing, and every Roaster takes a different approach in order to extract the flavours they are looking for from the beans.  This is why we showcase a wide range of Roasters to you, so you can experience the subtle (and sometimes less subtle) differences that each one brings to the table.  We also provide and 'Ask the Roaster' page to help you get a glimpse of what makes each Roaster (and their dogs, of which there are many) tick.

When Dog and Hat selects a Roaster to showcase to you, we always make sure that they align to our ethos - providing the highest quality raw ingredients, ethically sourced from sustainable farms ensuring the best product for you and the best deal for the local farming communities.

So now you can click through our fantastic selection of expert Roasters, happy in the knowledge that you'll be getting great coffee and helping to make the world a better place one cup at a time.