Dog and Hat is an online mail order company and we recognise that we have a responsibility to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and improving our environmental performance.

Our policy aims
  • Seek to buy recycled and recyclable paper packaging for all our products
  • Minimise the use of paper in the office
  • Reuse and recycle paper where possible
  • Consider all energy used by our business and minimise where possible
Our packaging
  • Recycled content boxes
  • Recycled packaging material
  • Recycled labels 
  • Recycled paper
  • Grey recycled packing bags (if required)
  • Royal Mail deliver all subscriptions as they come your way anyway

The products and associated packaging received to us from our Roasters are excluded from this policy - as unfortunately these are specialist packaging options that are outside of our control.

Carbon Footprint
  • Use only renewable energy supplied by Bulb
  • Climate Positive with Offset Earth
We offset our carbon footprint via Offset Earth