My interest in espresso came from a stunning espresso in a local restaurant.

What have you got?

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I tried to replicate this at home, buying an Iberital MC2 grinder and Francis Francis X1.

For espresso it's now a Londinium L1 and Mythos One Clima Pro. I don't use the bean heater on the Mythos so, apart from looking a bit less ugly, its pretty much used as a standard Mythos.

For brewed it's a Made By Knock Hausgrind grinder (one of the original wooden models with a dent from where I once dropped it) and AeroPress.

Why do you love it?

Consistency! Once dialled in, every cup of coffee is a good cup.

What would you change?

I don't really have a dream setup. I'm happy with the coffee that I make so don't go window shopping to remove any temptation.

I would plumb the L1 into mains water to remove the annoying vibe pump.

Dave Morgan