Just received my February subscription box and was reading through dialled in when I spotted the Show us you Setup section. Attached are a few pictures of my current setup.

What have you got?

For the filter setup I have a Wilfa Uniform grinder and Brewista Smart Pour 2 temperature controlled kettle. I primarily brew my filter through the Hario V60 you can see in the picture making enough for myself and my wife. If making just one cup for myself then I will use mainly a clever driver but I also have an aero pressand a smaller 01 Hario dripper.

For espresso based drinks I have the Sage Barista Pro. I have had this for just over a year and am pretty pleased with it. It required some internal adjustment of the burrs to grind fine enough to make a decent shot but I am happy with the drinks I can get out of it.

Espresso and Filter Coffee Subscription Equipment

Why do you love it?

I am very happy with my filter setup, the step up the grinder gave me in taste was worth the initial expense and as I start every day with filter was definitely money well spent.

The kettle also works really well for me as it can be set to switch itself on in the morning and be ready for when I arrive downstairs ready to make that first coffee of the day before heading to work. It also pours really nicely and the ability to set the exact water temp has really helped me experiment with brewing, particularly for the aero press.

Filter Coffee Subscription Members Equipment

What would you change?

If money were no object then I would upgrade my espresso setup. My dream combo for this would currently be a Lelit Mara X and a Eureka Mythos One grinder. It certainly won’t be happening without a lottery win though! 

Anything else?

Great idea for a feature and keep up the amazing work with the coffee - always such a fantastic selection each month.

Dave Morgan