Hello and welcome to the June edition of the Dog and Hat Coffee Subscription where we have some more fantastic coffee lined up for your enjoyment... and we even have 4 new roasters for you this month (well, one is kind of a returning roaster, but this is their first fully featured appearance).

First up we head down to London where we are thrilled to get the chance to finally partner with Kiss the Hippo.

Then we head up to the shores of East Lothian on the East Coast of Scotland to showcase the wonderful team at Steampunk Coffee.

From there we head down to Witney in Oxfordshire to feature UE Coffee Roasters (and a returning firm favourite coffee).

Finally we head further down to the wilds of Wiltshire to include one of the most requested roasters in the UK (based on chatting with our customers) - the wonderful Casey, Fi and the team at Girls Who Grind Coffee.

Please click the link to see the June Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Kiss the Hippo (London) - Peru Natural

We have been speaking to the team down at Kiss the Hippo for a while now and we were just on the look out for the perfect coffee to bring into the sub... and boy did we find it with their Peru Gloria natural processed coffee with huge notes of Caramelised Pineapple and Haribo.

Anyone who's been on the sub for any length of time will know that Dave's coffee tasting achilles heal is Pineapple... he just can't get enough of it - so it was no surprise that this coffee made the grade for the sub.

For those that haven't come across Kiss the Hippo before, you are in for a real treat.  They have been home to countless UK Barista and Brewing champions and runners-up over the past couple of years and have a real focus on sustainability - they have just become Carbon Neutral certified, which is great news.

All our subscribers will be receiving this omni-roast Peru natural processed coffee with its totally tropical taste.

One tip for you though (well, for those that like slightly less pineapple notes in your coffee) is to rest this one a little longer than the others to let it settle down a bit... of course, if you want a wild taste experience, just tuck straight in :-)

Steampunk (North Berwick, Scotland) - Tanzania Washed

Here at Dog and Hat there are a few things that we absolutely love.  Number 1 is great coffee (of course), number 2 is dogs, number 3 is the beach and number 4 is sustainability.

Now imagine if there was a roaster that embodied all three of these things?  Well, imagine no more and say hello to Steampunk Coffee from the seaside at North Berwick in Scotland.

One of the first things we do each morning on Instagram is jump onto the Steampunk page and take a look at their early morning dog walks to start the day right.  The doggie ear flapometer weather report is a personal favourite of ours.

The coffee we've chosen this month is a really interesting coffee with tasting notes you don't often come across.  This Tanzania washed coffee comes with notes of Cola, Lychee and Elderflower and is a really sweet and herby coffee... a bit of a break from the norm and a really lovely cup on either filter or espresso.

Again, all our subscribers will be receiving this omni-roast coffee.

UE Coffee Roasters (Witney, Oxfordshire) - Rwanda Natural

Over the years there have been a few coffees that, whenever we see them available, we just have to try and include in the sub... and the coffee we have chosen from UE this month is one such coffee.

We are thrilled be have the Rwanda Huye Mountain natural processed coffee back in the sub this month, roasted by Aaron and the team down at UE Coffee Roasters in Witney, Oxfordshire.

This year's crop is coming with more tropical fruit notes and a great Dark Chocolate aftertaste to really balance it out.

This is another coffee that works amazingly well across all filter and espresso methods and all our 3 and 4 bag members will be receiving this coffee.

Girlls Who Grind Coffee (Warminster, Wiltshire) - El Salvador Washed

Now, Girls Who Grind Coffee have sort of been in the sub before, as they roasted a number of bags of the Luz Coffee Project Colombia coffee we featured earlier in the year... but we hadn't included them as a roaster in their own right until now.

It's the perfect time we thought, as they have just finished an amazing bit of rebranding of their packaging and it looks awesome... and as anyone who's had the chance to try their coffee before will know, Casey is one of the best roasters in the business.

The coffee we have chosen this month is a classical El Salvador washed coffee with notes of (I love the GWGC tasting notes) Chocolate Fudge Nut Bar and Red Apple.

All our 4 bag members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee

Dialled In Traditional

Our traditional subscribers will be receiving Kiss the Hippo's Donna Blend with notes of Caramel, Dark Chocolate and Pecan.  Alongside that we are shipping out the UE Coffee Honduras Single Origin with notes of Caramel, Milk Chocolate and Walnuts.

Dialled In Decaf

For our decaf members, we will be sending out Kiss the Hippo's decaf offering and UE Coffee's Colombia E.A. decaf.

Dave Morgan
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