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Once again we have two new roasters joining us here at Dog and Hat alongside two old favourites.

The first new roaster is The Missing Bean who have been roasting away in Oxford since 2014 and joining them is a new local roaster from Leeds - the cycling loving Echelon.

Making a welcome return to the subs are Quarter Horse in Birmingham (after a fortuitous meeting between Nathan and Dave at the coffee shop) along with Dan and Francis at Moonroast down in the New Forest

The Missing Bean

The Missing Bean roastery in Oxford have a wonderful approach to sourcing their coffee - with nearly every coffee in stock coming from a Direct Trade relationship... and we have two of them to showcase to you this month.

First up, for all our Assorted and Espresso members, we have a washed Nicaragua with tasting notes of Cherry Chocolate Mousse.  This coffee is interesting for us as it's a new varietal we haven't tried before - the Javanica.  These beans are on the large / gigantic side and impart a silky chocolate texture with aromatic fruit flavour notes to the cup.

For our Filter members, we are continuing our journey through Brazil coffee with a natural processed, extended fermentation coffee with boozy notes of sweet sherry.

Quarter Horse

We are always on the lookout for interesting coffee's to bring into the subscription.  So when Dave was down in Birmingham over Chinese New Year and popped in to see Nathan at Quarter Horse, he was thrilled to see a sack of Chinese coffee from the Yunnan region sitting in the stock pile.

A quick conversation later and we have snapped up the entire sack so that all our members can enjoy the strawberry goodness that is this Ou Yang natural processed omni-roast coffee (for those that have been with us a while, this is the same farm that brought us the Vagabond Chinese coffee last year).

A quick tip for the espresso users among you, we found this coffee really shone as a lungo at a ratio of 1:2.5.


One of our lovely subscribers mentioned cycle-loving Echelon up here in Yorkshire as a new roaster we needed to talk to... when you talk, we listen, so we got on the phone to them straight away.

We're very happy to be featuring their wonderful washed Ethiopia, bringing all the floral notes you'd expect from this style of coffee from the Jimma region.

All our 3 bag members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee.


We got back in touch with Dan and Francis at Moonroast after we sponsored Dan's 'Beaver's Cup' latte art competition in December.

We are very happy to have their stunning washed Kenya Kaganda AB for our 4 bag Assorted and Filter subscribers.  This is a great example of a washed Kenya with big notes of Blackcurrant filling the cup.

For our 4 bag Espresso members we are bringing back one of our all time favourite espresso coffees here at Dog and Hat - the top notch Peru Tunki with floral chocolate notes - it's easy to extract and tastes amazing black or with milk.

Dialled In Dark(er)

The Dialled In Dark(er) members this month will be getting a pair of Peru's finest from The Missing Bean and Moonroast.

Dialled In Decaf

The Missing Bean will be providing their Mexican mountain water decaf and Moonroast their Peru CO2 decaf. 

Dave Morgan