Here at Dog & Hat we’re not Coffee Roasters, we leave that magic to the experts.  What we are though, are lovers of good coffee - especially on a morning while doing the to-do list for the day.  For us that’s the best coffee of the day.

Over the years, the Morgan family has been through various coffee drinking phases. Initially when we first met, we’d brew a coffee in a cafetiere while we gazed out over the London skyline enjoying a lazy Saturday sipping coffee and reading the paper. Picking up exciting coffee from independent roasters was a joy and a hobby we would indulge in regularly. Then as life got busier, future father-in-law Morgan gifted us a coffee pod machine that dominated our lives for the next few years – life became a blur of popping pods and racing from one thing to another.  We ploughed through pods and lost touch with the enjoyment of good coffee.

A move out of the hurly burly of London life and over to suburban Hampshire reignited our love affair with high quality, independently roasted coffee and slowly but surely we started to ditch the pods.  Now we found we had more time but with a baby on the way we wanted to enjoy less coffee, but of a higher quality.  This hastened the departure of the once omnipresent pod machine in favour of a stove-top coffee maker and finally a magnificent bean-to-cup machine that was once again gifted by future father-in-law Morgan, which now sits aside our Sage Duo Temp, and Sage Pro grinder.

After baby number two, and the many cups of parental-dependant caffeine, we made the move out of southern suburbia and up to the countryside around our hometown of York in North Yorkshire - where we finally became Mr and Mrs Morgan.

Yorkshire has such a rich and varied food and drink heritage that is home to many independent food retailers.  Moving here has inspired us to take our love of coffee out to a wider market by bringing you the best quality coffee from some of the finest Coffee Roasters that the country and the world has to offer.

We also love a good picture of dogs wearing hats, so please feel free to share any you come across .

Susanna Morgan