Welcome to our very special 3rd birthday edition of the Dialled In Coffee Subscriptions.  We have some fantastic roasters and coffees lined up for you to enjoy this month and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Please do click the link to see the September Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Square Mile - London

We are pretty sure that most people that know coffee know of Square Mile - truly one of the trail-blazers of the UK coffee scene since James Hoffman and Anette Moldvaer co-founded the business back in 2008.  If you've visited a few speciality coffee shops, the chances are that you will have tasted their coffee (Red Brick espresso is a staple of coffee shops up and down the country).

What you may not be aware of however, is that Square Mile very very rarely agree to work with coffee subscriptions companies (and they get approached a lot!!!).  They have been on our personal wish-list of roasters to work with since before day 1 of starting Dog and Hat back in 2017... so we were thrilled when they told us how much they loved the way we ran the subscription and the care we put into selecting and handling the coffee... and we were even happier when they agreed to partner with us on this, our 36th edition of the coffee subscription.

Another thing that Square Mile are very keen on is bag sizes - they have chosen 350g bags and are very happy with them.  This would usually cause us a bit of a problem (seeing as we typically include 225 - 250g bags) - however, as this is a special month we are going all in with the 350g bags... please enjoy the extra 100g as a birthday treat from us :-)

The coffee we have chosen this month for all our Espresso and Assorted members is a White-Honey processed espresso roast coffee from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica with notes of Dried Fig, Chocolate and Hazelnut.

For our Filter members we have gone with a fairly new initiative from Square Mile, their Filter Blend consisting of 50% washed Costa Rica and 50% washed Peru with tasting notes of Cherry, Chocolate Cake and Frangipane (and the cherry really shines through as it cools).

Colonna Coffee - Bath

Who better to pair James Hoffman's coffee roastery with than the equally fantastical Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood's Bath-based Colonna roastery.

The last time we included Colonna, we ended up with an inbox full of praise for the coffee and the amazing roasting of Colonna head roaster Beth.

This month we are including a more obscure coffee region to highlight their skills as we head over to East Timor for only the second time in our 36 editions. 

This honey processed coffee comes from the Parami village in the Ermera region of East Timor and has notes of White Grape, Raspberry and Star Anise (for us it was quite peppery too, so a great and different coffee to enjoy).

All our Filter and Assorted members will be getting the filter roast of this coffee and all our Espresso members will be receiving the espresso roast. 

Perception - London

Now, we first came across Perception Coffee last year on our SCA training down at Artisan Coffee School in Ealing when it turned up on the cupping table and we were really impressed with both the coffee and the minimalist packaging design.

Over the past few months with the #blacklivesmatter movement we have really been taking stock of the make-up of the speciality coffee industry (worldwide, not just the UK) as well as our roaster list... it has been eye-opening to see how few black-owned coffee businesses (and roasteries in particular) exist.

Then, to close the circle, one of our longest serving subscribers asked us if we'd come across Perception before as they are based just down the road from where he grew up in Brixton.

So we got back in touch with Ali and got some samples of his very latest coffee straight over to us to test and we loved them all - but in particular there was something really intriguing about the anaerobic natural process Brazil that he sent over.  It is this omni-roast coffee that we are including for all our 3 bag members to enjoy with its notes of Boozy Grapes and Floral Chocolate.

Glen Lyon - Aberfeldy

We definitely consider ourselves lucky to live in our beautiful, rural corner of North Yorkshire, but even we get 'location envy' when we see where Glen Lyon Coffee are based.

We first met Glen Lyon last year at the Glasgow Coffee Festival we chatted to them and tasted their wonderful Bolivia Mamani coffee.  We love the low-acidity stone fruit notes of Bolivian coffee, but have always struggled to source it for the subscription... in fact we have only managed to include it once before when Cafe Mokxa from Lyon in France roasted one for us a couple of years ago. But luckily, as it turns out, Fiona the co-founder of Glen Lyon is a bit of an expert on Bolivia having been a journalist based in the country for some time.

Now, Glen Lyon are another roaster that doesn't work with subscription companies and again we are thrilled that they loved the care and attention we pay to the coffee with the Dialled In subscription and agreed to supply the latest crop of their washed, omni-roast Bolovia coffee with notes of Brown Sugar and Apricot for our 4 bag members to enjoy.

Dialled In Traditional

There's a definite 'Red' theme this month for the Dialled In Traditional members who will be getting the Square Mile Red Brick blend and the Glen Lyon Red Stag blend.

Dialled In Decaf

For our Decaf subscribers, Colonna will be supplying their Colombia EA Decaf and Square Mile will be providing their Brazil CO2 Decaf.

Dialled In International

For the International sub this month we are featuring a honey processed Indonesia coffee with notes of Praline, Honey and Pineapple (always a favourite tasting note here at Dog and Hat).  This omni-roast coffee is being roasted for us by our long-time collaborator Sadry Abidi at Cafe Mokxa in Lyon (and Strasbourg) in France. 

Alongside that wonderful coffee we are bringing in a real titan of Scandinavian coffee and continuing our theme of World Barista Champions (and finalists) this month... please give a big welcome to Tim Wendelboe (TW) from Oslo in Norway.

TW are providing a great washed Colombia coffee with notes of Sweet Chocolate, Caramel and Red Berries... this coffee comes in both an espresso or filter roast profile.

There's still time to sign-up to get hold of these great international coffees or alternatively, if you are an active subscriber, you can buy a single add-on bag in the members area.

Dave Morgan