Three Marks Coffee - Guatemala Rosma Coffee Bordillo [Roast date:29.04.24]



Guatemala, La Esperanza, Huehuetenango

Bourbon, Caturra, Parche Verde, H1 Centroamericano 


Fully Washed


1,360 - 1,560 MASL

Roast Profile

Omni Roast

Taste Notes

Notes of Pear, Papaya and Cinnamon.

Coffee Facts

The cherry harvest is carried out at the optimal ripeness stage. On the same day, the cherries are pulped, and the pulp is placed in a fermentation tank for 24 hours. After reaching the appropriate fermentation point, a thorough washing is conducted using fresh spring water along a 40-meter-long channel, with density boards separating by-products.

Following this washing phase, the coffee is then spread on the patio for sun drying for 3 days, followed by an additional 12 days on African beds until it reaches the desired moisture level of 11%.