Timemore Black Mirror Mini scale


The New Timemore Black Mirror Mini scale offers an affordable option for coffee enthusiasts, featuring a compact design that maintains the sleek and simple aesthetic of its larger counterpart, the Basic V2. With a smaller footprint, this scale is perfect for both travellers and those struggling to fit the original Basic scale on their drip tray.

The Basic Mini retains all the features of the Basic V2, including its display of flow rate output.


  • Sensitivity:  +/- 0.1g (0.0g-500g) +/- 1g (500-1000g) +/- 3g (1000-2000g)
  • Max weight: 2.0 Kg
  • Battery Type and Capacity: Li-ion 760mAh est. 20h continuous use
  • Size and Weight: 100x114x15.8 mm / 192g
  • Auto timing: Yes
  • Flow Rate: Yes
  • Auto off: Yes
  • Bluetooth connectivity: No

The Timemore 'Black Mirror Mini' Coffee Scales come with a USB A to USB C charging cable, a rubber scale mat, an instruction manual, and a 1 year manufacturer's warranty card.