Matt Fortitude Coffee Roasters
How was the Roastery founded, what was the inspiration?

Our roastery was founded in 2016.  My business partner and I had been running a speciality coffee bar in Edinburgh for 3 years.  We were drawn to roasting by the creativity involved and inspired by the potential to be able to offer some unique, amazing coffee to our customers.  We love being able to be transparent and share every part of the journey the coffee has been on to get to their cup.

What's your favourite part about working at the Roastery?

My favourite part of roasting is profiling new coffees.  It;s exciting when a new coffee arrives at the roastery.  I love discovery what a coffee has to offer and seeing how subtle changes in how the coffee is roasted can make a big difference in the cup.

What's your proudest accomplishment?

We are still a relatively new roastery but I would say our proudest achievement so far is all the work that has gone into our roasting.  There has been a lot of trial and error and we have learned so much, but are truly happy with how our coffee is tasting

What three words best describe your Roastery?

Transparent - Creative - Dedicated

What’s your favourite place to enjoy a coffee, and what coffee would that be?

Any one of Edinburgh's superb cafes.  I like things simple so I would normally go for a long black. 

Finally, what Dog & Hat combination would you choose?

Schnauzer in a police helmet.

Fortitude Coffee Roasters