The French Press utilises the 'steeping' method of brewing coffee.  Instead of using water passing through the coffee grounds, the coffee and water mix together to provide a uniform extraction of flavour and taste.

Filter Mechanism

The filter mechanism in a French Press is a metal mesh disc that filters out the larger particles of coffee, but tends to let the finer pieces through.  This can be a good and a bad thing depending on your point of view - as it can lead to a thicker bodied coffee, but with more sediment than you’d get from other brewing methods.

Grind Profile

A coarse ground coffee will work best for this method.

  1. Grind 7.5g coffee per 100ml of water just before brewing begins
  2. Boil fresh water
  3. Place the coffee grinds into the bottom of the French Press and add the boiling water - At this time you could choose to place the French Press on a set of scales should you wish to be ultra-precise in your ratio:  Science tip – 100ml of water = 100g in weight
  4. Leave the coffee to brew for 2 minutes – don’t agitate or stir it during this time
  5. Take a large spoon and stir crusty coffee top – the coffee should now drop to the bottom of the press
  6. Scoop off the remaining floating sediment and discard
  7. Allow the coffee to continue brewing for another 3 minutes
  8. Place the plunger in the French Press chamber - slowly and steadily press down
  9. Serve and enjoy