HAYB Coffee Roasters Warsaw Poland on UK Best Coffee Subscription
How was the Roastery founded, what was the inspiration?

HAYB is a family business of Wiktor Borowski and his dad Robert Borowski. The roaster in its current form was established in 2016 at Aleje Jerozolimskie 200 in Warsaw. The oldest coffee heads probably remember that for the first 2 years we were known as Coffee Republic. We were motivated to change by the actions of a local English company of the same name, which actively claimed the rights to our brand. We lost our Facebook page and there was no way to get it back. It was a difficult topic for us then. Of course, we wondered how our customers would react and how this situation would affect our business. The change was also associated with high costs and a huge amount of work, but we decided not to think too long and started working on the new brand as soon as possible. This is how the name HAYB was born, which is short for How Are You Brewing.

Already in 2018, we became a coffee sponsor for the Brewers Cup and from that moment we built our history anew. We learned an important lesson from this whole process: in business, there are often situations that seem hopeless, but with the right approach, hard work and a bit of luck, you can turn them into success. Above all, we want to enjoy what we do, so we try to do things our way. People who love what they do and are strongly involved in the daily decisions and life of the roastery are very important to us. We believe that the strength of the company is primarily an experienced and well-coordinated team. We are so lucky that over the years we have managed to create a good environment for development for experienced seasoned coffee drinkers and for people who are just starting their adventure with coffee.

Of course, the quality of the products we offer is written in our DNA. We attach great importance to the origin and freshness of the green raw material and to proper firing. To achieve all this, we are constantly training. Most of the team regularly participates in certified SCA trainings by Coffee Support. In addition, both Wiktor Borowski the owner and our head roaster Dawid Zadara are certified Q-Graders.

What's your favourite part about working at the Roastery?

First thing that pops up in my mind is the coffee itself! The wide range of flavours and aromas that speciality coffee offers is just amazing. I was always into exploring new flavours. I love to cook, eat and drink and sensorics is the most interesting part of it. I feel lucky to be able to work with such an amazing product and make life out of it.

What's your proudest accomplishment?

I think that is our amazing HAYB team. I took us very long to find proper people that share the values and passion for coffee.

What’s your favourite place to enjoy a coffee, and what coffee would that be?

I like it everywhere to be honest! Depending on a season I love it both cold and hot. If I’m in rush I’m choosing espresso or batch brew. For a long walk in a park I would choose flat white made with good quality beans and plant base milk.

What is your favourite snack or treat to have to accompany your coffee?

Great cake with your cup of joe is always a good idea!

What would you drink if there was no coffee?

I think that would be matcha tea! I got myself professional kit to prepare it properly and I just love it :).

What three words that best describe your Roastery?

Three words that best describe your Roastery

That would be two worlds: Effortless Speciality! We believe brewing coffee should be easy and fun. The most difficult part is to grow, process and then roast the beans. If all those things are done right than your only job is not to ruin it! Proper grinder, good water and you are ready to go.

What's your favourite tasting notes to find in coffee?

I love unusual combinations of flavours in coffee. Great example would be a good quality Indonesian coffee where you can find super strong red fruits note, Kenyan-like rhubarb accompanied by cedar and spicy notes. High complexity of flavours is what I like the most.

Where would you recommend for food and drink in your local area?

For Coffee and cake I would recommend: Zona Krawca, Waszyngton, Coffeedesk, Typika, Relaks, Bedzie Dobrze, Eter, Czykawka, Fabryczna, Bakery Browary Warszawskie.

Finally, what Dog & Hat combination would you choose?

Little red hair mongrel (my dog Taco) in a French beret :).