How was the Roastery founded, what was the inspiration?

Youri: Limini Coffee was started by Youri and Samantha Vlag. Youri started working in the world of coffee in Yorkshire as a ‘barista’, cleaning the floors etc and fell in love with the world of coffee… the pleasant customers, the complexity of coffee and the job satisfaction of simply serving someone a delicious drink.

What's your favourite part about working at the Roastery?

Vicki: Aside from having access to delicious coffee all day long, it is our customers that make working at Limini so awesome! There is nothing greater than sharing the knowledge of cre-ating the perfect flat white and the reaction when that customer nails their first rosetta. The feedback we get from our customer’s customers when they are serving beautiful coffee in their shops is what it is all about.

What's your proudest accomplishment?

Youri: It is retaining customers for many years. That really shows that some people love what we do and appreciate the hard work we all put in. Seeing our customers grow and receive positive feedback is extremely rewarding.

What three words best describe your Roastery?

Friendly - Efficient - GSOH

What’s your favourite place to enjoy a coffee, and what coffee would that be?

Vicki: For me, coffee is best enjoyed in a social setting whilst in good company. I love when our customers come over to the Roastery for a catch-up and we can enjoy a freshly brewed Brazilian filter or a flat white made with a double ristretto together. 

Finally, what Dog & Hat combination would you choose?

That will have to be a Pomeranian mixed with a Chiwawa and polished off by a Cavalier King Charles dressed in a Limini Cap.