Silviu Missing Bean on UK Best Coffee Subscriptions

How was the Roastery founded, what was the inspiration?

Ori & Vicky started the Missing Bean in 2009 and after running as purely a café decided to use Ori’s expertise and start roasting for themselves from 2014. Ori visited a coffee farm in Peru (Chilchos Valley) and since seeing first-hand how they operated and treated the work force, wanted immediate involvement at the local scale and so built the roasting business on a direct-trade ethos – one that still runs true today 6 years later.

What's your favourite part about working at the Roastery?

The dynamic nature of the job where multiple skills are tested on a daily basis. Having to adapt to different situations and to evolve with the ever-changing coffee market. To spread our love and passion for coffee with café customers and wholesale customers.

What's your proudest accomplishment?

To be Oxford’s longest serving, independent, specialty coffee shop and the first roaster in the city plus an incredible growth without having sales people on the road, mostly by word of mouth.

What three words best describe your Roastery?
Inviting - Multicultural - Genuine.
    What’s your favourite place to enjoy a coffee, and what coffee would that be?

    Batch brew / filter coffee, sitting outside a café in the sunshine. 

    Finally, what Dog & Hat combination would you choose?

    German shepherd with a newsboy cap.