At Dog and Hat, we take the privacy of our customers very seriously. In order to fully protect your valuable information so that you can shop with confidence, we strictly adhere to the following policies:


When you complete a purchase on, you will be required to input information such as your name, email address, shipping address, and payment information. We will never share any of this information with any undisclosed third party.

If you provide us with your email address as well as give us your permission to do so, we may send you occasional emails about new products, sales, and other such updates. However, you are free to opt out of these emails at any time if you so wish.


By imputing your information during a purchase, you provide consent for Dog & Hat to store your information and to use it for only the specific reason you provided it for.

In order to use your personal information for any other secondary reason, we will first seek permission directly from you.

If you change your mind and wish to withdraw the consent that is implied when you complete a purchase, you may do so at any time by contacting us with a written request.


If required by law to do so, we may disclose your personal information to legal authorities.


In order to provide our products to you, Dog & Hat makes use of the Shopify e-commerce platform and Recharge subscription management software. When you complete a purchase on Dog & Hat, your payment information is processed by Shopify and Recharge and stored behind their secure firewall.

For more information on how Shopify secures your personal information, you may refer to their Terms of Service as well as their Privacy Statement.  

For more information on how Recharge secures your personal information, you may refer them to their Terms of Service as well as their Privacy Statement


Though this Privacy Policy as it exists completely reflects our current policy, we reserve the right to change it at any time. Feel free to check back frequently in order to see if any changes have been made.

In the event that changes are made to our Privacy Policy, they will go into effect as soon as the changes are published.

Company Policy Statements

Data Protection Office is Susanna Marie Morgan. The following statements are made by the DPO

;1. I must have a lawful reason for collecting personal data, and must do it in a fair and transparent way. I will be clear about what data I am collecting, and why.

  1. I must only use the data for the reason it is initially obtained. This means that I may not use a person’s data to market a product or service to them that is unconnected to the reasons for which they shared the data with me in the first place.
  2. I must not collect any more data than is necessary. I will only collect the data I need to hold in order to do the job for which I have collected the data.
  3. I will ensure that the data is accurate, and ask parents to check annually and confirm that the data held is still accurate.
  4. I will not keep data any longer than needed. I must only keep the data for as long as is needed to complete the tasks it was collected for.
  5. I must protect the personal data. I am responsible for ensuring that I, and anyone else charged with using the data, processes and stores it securely.
  6. I will be accountable for the data. This means that I will be able to show how I (and anyone working with me) am complying with the law.
  7. At any users request data can be deleted. This can only be 180 days after the last order. Data will be deleted from out portals into Shopify systems. Any data on Shopifys 3rd party systems in te responsibility of Shopify.
  8. Any data breaches will be reported too us from 3rd parties. Any data breaches via D&H will be reported to the ICO if requited. Our process for data breach is:
    • Define the breach and stop any further data exposure
    • Define who and what data has been exposed
    • Resolve the issue
    • Notify anyone concerned and the ICO

Questions and comments can be emailed to