Trent from Quarter Horse Coffee Roasters
How was the Roastery founded, what was the inspiration?

QHC was founded as a cafe in Oxford in 2012. In 2015 we decide to move to Birmingham so we could expand to a roastery site. I have been working in coffee since 2006 and have roasted before when I was in the States. I have always wanted to roast my own coffee so we took the opportunity to start the first cafe/roastery in Birmingham.

What's your favourite part about working at the Roastery?

My favourite part about working in a roastery is cupping new coffees and the satisfaction of seeing all the bags completed after a long, hard day.

What's your proudest accomplishment?

My proudest moments have been the recognition we have received nationally. We were featured in Caffeine for a tasty El Salvador lot we had. The cafe has been featured as one of the best 25 cafes in the country in multiple papers including The Guardian, The Independent, and The Telegraph.

What three words best describe your Roastery?

Open - Simple - Welcoming

What’s your favourite place to enjoy a coffee, and what coffee would that be?

I am tempted to say a filter at home. But if I go out I like to go to Under Pressure in Sutton Coldfield and have an espresso! 

Finally, what Dog & Hat combination would you choose?

Easy - Golden Retriever and Baseball cap (I am American) and sunglasses if possible... and it has to be the Chicago Cubs. All Day!


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