We want to offer the best possible coffee experience, and that means a whole bean subscription - if you've never had the experience of grinding fresh coffee at home, then now is the perfect time to start.  We find that the taste is stronger, the bean has more flavour to explore and it makes preparing coffee more of an experience.

Whole bean facts

It isn’t a secret in coffee circles that beans are best kept whole for as long as possible and ground just before preparing your coffee. Here's the science - once a bean has been ground, its surface area is increased and it starts to release all the goodness it once held in the bean into the air.

The longer the bean has been ground, the less flavour it will retain.  For this reason, not all our roasters offer ground coffee and instead only provide their coffee as whole beans.  

  • Grinding beans yourself allows you to be in control.  By all means grind to your own preferred brewing method - fine, medium or course - but retain the flexibility to prepare each coffee we deliver using different methods
  • Beans will last longer than pre-ground coffee
  • When grinding at home, a burr grinder will provide the most uniform grind.  Whizzy blade grinders will leave you with an uneven grind that can lead to inconsistent brew quality
  • The best coffee aroma and taste experience comes from purchasing whole beans
Do you need a Grinder?

Grinders are a tricky subject as the cost can range from £30 - £1000+ You might want a manual grinder that you can pop in your bag when you visit friends for the weekend, or you may want to buy a electric one so the Sunday morning brew is easy. We have a couple of grinder options available on our site, and if you need any help or support, just drop us a line at hello@dogandhat.co.uk

Ground coffee facts

Pre-ground coffee is coffee that is roasted, ground to your specification and then stored in a sealed bag.  This can be considered more convenient as it saves on the cost of buying a grinder as well as preparation time.

  • Pre-ground coffee loses more flavour as soon as it is ground
  • Pre-ground coffee is susceptible to being influenced by other flavours, such as that from packaging or storage container
  • Pre-ground coffee goes stale very soon after being ground

For these reasons a number of our roasters will not even supply pre-ground coffee at all.

    If your still unsure, drop us a line at hello@dogandhat.co.uk and we'll be happy to discuss options with you.