Hello and welcome to August.

For those of you that have been with us a while, you will know that August is a special month for us here at Dog and Hat because it is our birthday month and we are thrilled to be celebrating our 5th birthday with so many of you wonderful coffee lovers this year.

We are also excited to share our birthday month with the awesome team at Steampunk Coffee Roasters based on the seaside of North Berwick, who are celebrating their 10th birthday this month (really well done team, awesome work).

Joining them in the subscription this month we have something a little bit special that we have been working on for quite a few months now... so please give a huge Dog and Hat welcome to Fresh Black Coffee Roasters from Ukraine.  Fresh Black were based in the capital Kyiv until Russian invaded and then they quickly moved their roasting operations to the safer (well, as safe as cities can be in war torn countries, of course) Lviv in the west of Ukraine. There have been so many people involved in making this showcase happen, and we'd like to thank them all - but especially Viktor and all his team at Fresh Black. We would really love to see their bags all over Social Media this month when they land with you (along with Blue and Yellow, sunflowers, etc).

Rounding out the coffee roaster roster this month we continue our seaside and water theme by welcoming back Will and the team at River Coffee Roasters in Winchester and then take a trip to the Kentish coast to feature Lost Sheep Coffee Roasters from Whitstable.

Don't forget to click the link to see the August Dialled In subscription coffee in more detail.

Remember, if there are any coffees you are not receiving in your subscription option but you like the look of, head over to the members area and add-on a bag or two.

Steampunk Coffee (North Berwick, Scotland) - Brazil Natural [SCA - 86.5]

We love Steampunk for so many reasons - their commitment to sustainability, their local beach weather reports through the medium of the Doggie Ear Flap-o-Meter, and because they are never afraid to source unusual coffees.

This month, they very kindly let us have their entire supply of this wonderfully out-of-the-ordinary Brazil natural coffee from Andrea Costa's farm made from a new variety for us, the 'Arara'.  Now, we know what you're thinking "we don't want Brazil coffee, it's boring"... well rest assured, this is not your typical Brazilian coffee and this omni-roast packs a bit boozy, tropical fruit and watermelon hit.

All our 'main subscription' members will get to try this lovely coffee and hopefully gain an appreciation of the variety of coffee that Brazil can produce.

Fresh Black Coffee (Kyiv / Lviv, Ukraine) - Ethiopia Washed [SCA - 87]

As everybody has seen, the Russian war in the Ukraine has devastated large parts of the country and led to mass migration from Ukraine. In spite of this, the people that have stayed behind in the Ukraine are trying to carry on with their lives as best they can.

We are happy to have the opportunity to bring this Ethiopia washed coffee over from Fresh Black, and all our 'main subscription' members will be receiving this omni-roast to enjoy with floral notes of Peach, Lemon Grass and Blackberry.

River Coffee (Winchester, England) - Colombia Natural [SCA - 86]

River came back to our consciousness with a bang as we were sitting watching our daughters skiing at the Snozone up in Castleford.  For months we had been 'enjoying' pretty average coffee and then all of a sudden we were presented with the most amazing flat white... on inspection, River Coffee had found their way into the cafe and saved us from mediocre coffee... thank you Will.

The coffee that River have for us this month is a natural processed Colombia with notes of Tropical Fruit and Strawberry.

All our Bag 3 and Bag 4 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast coffee continuing our trend of bringing the fruit forward goodness to the Bag 3 slot.

Lost Sheep Coffee (Whitstable, England) - Peru Washed [SCA - 85] * 220g

We are also on a mini personal mission to bring in coffee from all the places across the UK where we have lived in the past, and this month it is the turn of Su to join in... and it's Lost Sheep Coffee that have ticked Whitstable off her list.

All our Bag 4 'main' subscription members will be receiving this omni-roast Peru coffee to enjoy with notes of Blackberry Jam and Fruit & Nut Chocolate.

Dialled In Traditional

First up for our Traditional members is the Flow Blend from River, which is a blend of Brazil and Peru coffee with tasting notes of Chocolate, Butterscotch and Cherry. 

Alongside that coffee we have Lost Sheep's washed Colombia single origin with notes of Caramel, Brown Sugar and Citrus (*220g).

Dialled In Decaf 

It has taken us a while, but we told you we would find you a decaf that didn't come from Colombia (although, as mentioned, it is a very difficult quest) and we are happy to be featuring the River Coffee Mountain Water Decaffeinated Mexico with notes of Chocolate, Sweet Lemon and Caramel.

Alongside that, we do head back to Colombia to enjoy a washed and E.A. Decaffeinated coffee brought to you by Lost Sheep with notes of Chocolate Orange (*220g).

Dave Morgan