So I thought I'd add my corner to your growing collection.

I'm a recent convert to coffee, and understanding how it should be made properly, discovering that there was more to coffee than pumpkin spice lattes in 2013, when I changed jobs and we had a branch of the now gone but not forgotten Taylor Street on site.

What have you got?

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I started with a chemex, including a large beaker, but that unfortunately didn't survive well in a house with young kids. Then one of the baristas said 'I'm playing around with this Bairro Alto Air, maybe you should give it a crack'. So grabbing some hario papers, and one of my granddad's jugs (he was a potter, and he loved his coffee), my morning routine for the past 8 years was born.

The Bairro Alto was soon followed by a refurbished Baratza Encore, then a Melodrip to replicate prime water distribution, and I was set. Occasionally feeling lazy I would use the WMF cafetiere.

We also bought a KitchenAid onecup for my wife (who insisted her coffee was perfectly fine), and when that died after 5 years of service, and lockdown had her stuck at home and missing her daily flat white, eyes finally turned to the Barista Pro.

After hours of research on what else I would need (better tamp, bottomless portafilter, mat, Motta jug, 3d printed funnel), and a fortuitous work bonus, the Pro arrived, and my wife finally understood why we get higher quality beans (and Su and Dave saw my monthly order bumped as we get through a bag every 2.5 days 🥴)

Now the joy of learning how to texture milk properly to try and create latte art begins, although now and again I will make a jug of pour over

Anything else?

Enjoying the D&H coffee subscription!

Dave Morgan